Little Talk with Sirus Hood: Production, background and his new label

Little Talk with Sirus Hood: Production, background and his new label

Sirus Hood is a French DJ/Producer who has played some of the coolest parties around the world, and released on established labels like Cuttin’ Headz, Hot Creations, and Dirtybird. We caught up with him recently to find out how his 2022 has been, and hear about the upcoming launch of his label Mood Child alongside Manda Moor…

WWD: Hello Sirus, great to meet you! How is everything with you right now, and how has your 2022 been?

I feel great. 2022 has been a blessing, especially after years of lockdowns. The magic is back, in clubs and festivals. I’m not the kind of person who looks back at achievements but this year has been special on personal and professional levels. Making my own party with Manda Moor at Hï Ibiza was one of the magic moments of this year and opened a boulevard of excitement and creativity that I can’t wait to share.


WWD: When, why and how did you first get into electronic music? What gave you the bug?

I don’t know exactly. When I was a baby my parents (who didn’t want me to be a DJ) were taking me to nightclubs. I believe it was mainly Disco / Funk. Also I was listening to cassettes recorded from a famous disco of Algiers when I was like 10 years old. It was mainly House Music. I was dreaming to be this guy who was talking on the tracks and playing them, but deeply I believe that it was just my destiny.


WWD: What is your signature sound and style – what makes your music unique?

I like when it’s not clean. When it sounds like it was made in the 90s, analog. It’s also very groovy and drummy. Sometimes ghetto, other times funky. Without any speed limit and with no boundaries, it can be any mood that I’m feeling.


WWD: Does being French lend your music a certain characteristic?

The French are classy and elegant. France has also a huge African heritage due to its history with the African continent, so the French are sensitive to the African culture and it’s music. It influenced generations of artists to record music with the best equipment from Europe, USA or Japan and supported by big record companies.
That’s why French people love the drums, the grooves. France is the biggest supporter of the Chicago House because they understand it. Being African with a French culture gives me this natural groove and this love for drums while I can be also very technical which gives me this sound that I can experiment with machines.


WWD: What is the scene like there currently? Is it healthy and vibrant?

Unfortunately, the club culture in France isn’t what it should be. Too many rules and dress code bullshit, sound limitations and all types of regulations killed the magic. In Paris for example the clubbing is mainly VIP, club tables that aren’t suitable for something underground or exciting.

Nothing stays, it’s all about the hype of the moment, the venues change their names every year. Very few clubs try to resist and offer a good programmation but I hear that it’s tough and sometimes they have to compromise.

Naturally, most of the established labels that were doing underground house genres disappeared. Only the very small ones who are not doing it for the money resisted.

Have a look at the few French electronic music media like Dj Mag France, they mainly cover EDM. There is such a disconnection between England and Ibiza in a side and France in the other side.


WWD: You recently released your track ‘Trapped In’ on The Martinez Brothers label Cuttin’ Headz – what inspired it or influenced it?

In that moment I was just chilling with them and a few friends in Ibiza. It was probably a mix of my Chicago style influence and the magic of that moment.


WWD: What gear did you write it on?

MPC live 2.


WWD: What was the last record you heard that made you go wow and why?

I can’t give you the name of the record because it’s not out yet but I signed it on my label for a released scheduled for next year.


WWD: What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I’m preparing the launch of Mood Child, a label, a clothing brand and a party with Manda Moor. The first release will be a collaboration between Malikk and myself. It was supposed to be launched in a few weeks but due to an issue with the vinyl production we have to push it back. It’s challenging but also exciting because we have been very creative with this project and can’t wait to share it to the world.


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