Mood Child Charting as the Trendiest Labels in Tech House and Minimal Deep Tech on Beatport

Mood Child Charting as the Trendiest Labels in Tech House and Minimal Deep Tech on Beatport

Within a mere 8 months of their first release, Mood Child has swiftly ascended to become one of the trendiest labels in the electronic music scene, securing a top 1 position on Beatport's hype trending Tech-House labels according to Beatstats. Their rapid rise doesn't stop there; they've also notched the 2nd spot in the Top Label Hype for Tech House, marking them as a significant force in the genre.

Co-founded by the innovative Sirus Hood and Manda Moor, Mood Child has embarked on a mission to redefine the House and Tech genres. Eschewing a single-minded focus on chart success, Mood Child has instead concentrated on cultivating a rich diversity of sounds, resonating with an array of emotional tones and textures.

The label's charting positions are a reflection of the community's endorsement, a side effect of their dedication to the craft, rather than a primary objective. Mood Child's philosophy is grounded in the belief that music should evoke and express a wide spectrum of emotions, a belief that has clearly struck a chord within the scene and among listeners.

This engagement is a clear signal that Mood Child's influence is both pervasive and growing, encouraging a shift towards more expressive and mood-driven music in the electronic landscape.

As they continue to build upon this momentum, Mood Child remains committed to their vision of pushing the boundaries of music and fostering new talent. Their presence on the charts, while celebrated, is just one indicator of their burgeoning success—the true measure lies in the label's ability to inspire and redefine the musical narrative.

Beatstats' rankings stand as a numerical testament to Mood Child's impact, but it's the excitement and anticipation for what they will do next that truly define this label's burgeoning legacy.

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