Booty Side NFT

Booty Side NFT Drop: June 7, 2023

Only 11 NFTs will be available on Pianity:

10 Legendary

1 Unique

Don't miss out as we plan to sell out very fast.

Homo Sapiens MC001 vinyl owners will get a free bounty: 1 Epic NFT! Limited to the first 100 claims. Order your vinyl here

Exclusive perks: On top of the music NFT, the NFT owners will have access to a 30 min Q&A livestream with the musicians, the artist designer and the label crew. The owner of the unique NFT will have an additional meet & greet with the artists after a show of his choice.


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What's a music NFT?

A music NFT is a unique token associated with a digital asset, a music file and the artwork.

Buying this token makes you the owner of the original piece of art thanks to a certificate of authenticity

NFTs make owning digital media assets possible in the same way that you can own a digital currency asset, like a Bitcoin, enabling collectors to sell it on the secondary market.

Each NFT has unique ID, and you can verify the ownership on the blockchain.

A simple way to think about NFTs: as files that live on the blockchain. This means they can't be copy-pasted, edited, deleted, nor manipulated.”

Benefits for the artists

Artists are supported directly by the collectors and immediately receive the profits based on their share. The share of every artist is published on the page of the NFT. 

As Pianity signed a partnership agreement with Sacem, the French right collecting society, artists and all rights holders also get an additional remuneration.

When the nft is resold from a collector to a buyer on the secondary market, artists instantly get royalties (artist's resale rights). On Pianity, artists get 8% on each resale.

NFTs are a new way for artists to share their music, connect to true supporters, get rewarded during their whole life and share exclusive content to their supporters.

Benefits for the collectors

The music NFT is like a rare physical item, like a signed limited edition of a vinyl. The music is listenable by everyone but you are the only owner of the NFT, the certificate of authenticity.

Collecting NFTs is a new way to build your music library while supporting your favorite artist.

Owning an NFT makes the collector be a part of the artist’s journey and share the success of up and coming artists.

After buying a music NFT, you can collect it or resell it on the secondary market, that’s why some collectors buy multiple NFTs of the same track. 

The value of the music NFT can grow based on the quality of the record, the level of rarity,  the popularity of the artist and the engagement of his community. When you promote the artist that you support, you also promote your collection.


Exclusive perks

Additional content can be attached to NFTs that can only be revealed by the NFT owner, like a meeting with the artists.


Private clubs

Pianity allows artists and music fans to gather in token-gated communities to deepen the relationship between artists and fans. Clubs are private group of discussion where only the artist and the collectors have access to and can benefits from exclusive contents and share experience with fellow fans.  Clubs transform passive listeners into active members of the artist’s community.


What is Pianity?

Pianity is the leading music NFT platform governed by its users. It's built on the environmentally-conscious Arweave ecosystem.

On the Web3 marketplace, musicians and their community gather to create, sell, buy, resell and collect songs in limited editions. Pianity’s pioneering approach, which includes free listening for all, enables deeper connections between artists and their audience

Pianity revolutionizes the music industry by enforcing fairer revenues for artists and exclusive content for fans and collectors. $0 minting cost, $0 gas fee, 80% of the transaction goes to the artists and independent labels, 8% on each resale on the secondary market. Even the artwork designer can get a share.

The music asset, the artwork and the contract metadata are stored together and forever on the Arweave blockchain.

Pianity simplified the NFT collection, anyone can buy an NFT with a credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or crypto. Prices are displayed in fiat. Anyone can create an account with an email or a Metamask wallet.

Pianity distributes its native token $PIA every week to the top collectors, buyers, curators (voters) and moderators; a fun incentive to keep the community engaged.

Recently, International DJs like Cerrone, Luciano, Guti, Dan Ghenacia, Archie Hamilton, Kerri Chandler, Harry Romero or David Duriez had successful campaigns on the platform.

Disclaimer: This presentation is for educational purposes only. You have no obligation to conduct any activity to promote the value of your NFT.

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