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Various Artists - Wild Moods [MC006]

Various Artists - Wild Moods [MC006]

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Mood Child Unleashes 'Wild Moods' - A Feral Odyssey Tailored for the Apex of Rave Culture

Sirus Hood and Manda Moor's Mood Child embarks on its latest musical escapade with a savage release called 'Wild Moods' A collection of seven tracks from artists that give no mercy.

A quote from Manda to explain the concept:

"Sirus and I wanted to curate a VA with tracks that trigger the inner wild child. 'Wild Moods' is a fusion of savage music that will decompose your atoms and cause bass faces"

The odyssey commences with 'Rave It' by Brazilian virtuoso Buogo, a track that's a tempest of energy, tailor-made for those peak moments at the warehouse.

Dutch prodigy Summum, with a touch of Mood Child co-founder Manda Moor, weaves 'Vibrant' – a track with a dangerous bassline, jaw-dropping build-ups, and playful vocal interplays.

The VA escalates with an Italian sensation: Puff's 'Grafene', a seismic wave of bass that leaves anyone speechless.

BizZa's 'Labanna' follows: a potent concoction of electric sounds and relentless energy.

Underground Soldier's 'Drop It' is a rhythmic ambush, trapping you in its groove, while Serbian talent Mene's 'Smack That' continues to escalate the frenzy with its bongotastic beats.

Concluding the wild ride, GREG from Brazil brings 'Monkey', a track where rhythmic brilliance meets the raw energy of the jungle.


Stream / Download with our partners (1st March 2024).
Deejay.de (vinyl)


Jamie Jones (Hot Creations / Paradise)
Digging this
Skream (Of Unsound Mind / Skreamizm)
Will Suport
Ilario Alicante (Cocoon / VIRGO)
Paco Osuna (Mindshake)
Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Harbour / Pokerflat)
Real gems here!
Cloonee (Hellbent Records)
De la Swing (Elrow)
Nice Va, BizZa tune is my fav
Chelina Manuhutu (elrow / ANTS)
Nice Thanks
Amine Edge & DANCE (CUFF)
Nice one guysss
Yaya (Tamango Records / Desolat / Cadenza)
Cool, Thank you
Eddy M (Solid Grooves / MÃœSE)
Vibin here, Thank you
Mason Collective (Whippin' Records / MVSON)
Fire as always
Ruben Mandolini (Snatch! )
Cool Tracks support
Mendo (Desolat / Clarisse Records)
Great Va!!! My support
Ms Mada (Club Space / LinkMiamiRebels)
RENDHER (Solid Grooves / elrow / Deeperfect)
Ramin Rezaie (Solid Grooves)
Vibes all round here! feeling on
Late Replies (Resonance Records)
Manda's retouch is sick!
Bastian Bux (Suara, Elrow)
Super comp!
GruuvElement's (Bamboleo)
Thank you for the music
Ammo Avenue (Revival New York / VIVa / Deeperfect)
Really sick va! Rave it, Vibrant and Labanna my favs
Mr. Diamond (Inermu / Seven Dials / Solid Grooves Raw) Great Tunes
Daniel Orpi (Kaluki / Revival New York / Diggin')
Kidoo (MUSE / Solid Grooves Raw)
Nice, Thanks for sending!
Manu Gonzalez (Question Reality, Moon Harbour)
DJ Skizzo (SK Recordings/elrow)
I like it
Joà «lla Jackson (Shelter)
Nice ones
Sirus Hood (Cuttin' Headz / Hot Creations / Mood Child) that's wild !

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